11088632_911128728945409_7723074420742049807_oSpecial thanks to Patrick Kaleta who made our buddy Matthew’s night

Thank you for another tremendous outpouring of support of our efforts in 2014!  We supplied funding in excess of $160,000!!

Did you know that Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA is the #1 genetic cause of death amongst children less than 2 years old, affecting nearly 1 in 6000 new births? Were you also aware that 1 in approximately 35 people carry a copy of the gene that causes SMA? That means that you, a family member, or a friend could potentially have a child affected by SMA. Given the incredibly tough road that SMA patients and their families experience, the most common reaction is ‘Are any treatments available?’ While the answer is currently ‘no’, there is significant reason for hope, as SMA has been singled out as the genetic disease closest to treatment. That is where SMART supporters are making a real difference.

SMART friends and family are dedicated to funding biomedical research that is aimed at finding a cure for SMA and other neuromuscular diseases. Our collective mission for these fundraising efforts is one of hope – hope for a better life, hope for a brighter future and hope that we can help identify new treatments and ultimately a cure for children and adults affected by SMA and similar diseases.  Since 2006,  SMART (including the grassroots efforts that preceded its official formation in 2009) has raised over $600,000 to help fund SMA research. From the proceeds of our 2014 event, SMART has been able to fund another 2 exciting research grants  and then even extend our outreach to provide some help to needy families.

Please join us again in 2015 and help us achieve another milestone!

Together, we will find a cure for SMA and related neuromuscular diseases.

 Remember that together, we will find a cure!


Smart 2 FNC 2014

SMART Has a 501c status(Tax ID# 32-0284955) making all donations tax deductible. SMART does not solicit by telephone!!